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    How I came to love Michael Bay

    This will probably be my most controversial post on my site, and its actually disturbing because being inspired by someone specific shouldn’t be so frustrating. Michael Bay is one of my favorite directors in the film industry, he inspired me not be a director that sits behind a screen and do nothing but give directions from a chair. He inspired me to be my own camera operator, and not just rely on my director of photography. Most of all, he inspired me to make fun, and exciting movies.

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    Production Assistant Is Not The Only Way

    I’ve heard in the past few months that working as a Production Assistant is the only way up the latter in this industry, or everyone has to start from the bottom, referring to a production assistant as being the bottom of the barrel. Since graduating from film school, I have never believed you have to start from the bottom, and I’m not saying you can start from the top either, even though many people have been giving the opportunity to start at the top. My point has always been you can find your own starting point in this industry.

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    Craigslist TV Pilot Scam

    I saw this post on craigslist a few months back, but never got around to posting it. This was the most accurate post I had ever seen that describes what its like to be a filmmaker looking for work on such a website. Craigslist is a great tool, and I have gotten many jobs from the site, but the honest truth is, Craigslist is full of scammers, and this anonymous post describes them better then anyone can.

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